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    i still would disagree - anyone who wants complete control in studio recording would find digital technology really helpful..

    the reason most guitarists use their good ol axe is cause they arent used to the new stuff yet.

    the line 6 - ok maybe this ppl wont use for studio recording,

    but the gibson dig. guitar allows the artist to really create the exact sound he wants...

    its not like were asking eeery1 to go replae their guitars with dig. ones... but in the end the digital technology really is good..

    btw - most of the sound we hear from all the good bands is goin through so much softweare that it would barely resemble picking up the guitar and just playing - i mean the kind of noise gates they use are so digitally advanced that it completely changes the way the guitar sounds - as in it totally cutsa out all the bad noise,.

    now that isnt possible without all this dig. technology...

    im sure there are some artists who dont use noise gates but a majority of them do.

    its the same arguement - digital tech vs. good old fasioned sound
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    I dont think any artist playing live with a tube amp is going to play without noise gates. It might not be a rack noise supressor. It could be a band pass filter or equalizer or at least some stomp box noise gate. It's a 100% must. Amps are such cranked up volumes tend to be noisy. You can't avoid it. It's after all a old fashioned vacuum tube not some new low noise semiconductor. Tube amps sounds best but noisy too.

    I feel the Line6 variax is more for studio purposes, where the artist can get different sounds at the touch of few buttons. I dont think they'd want to do it live that way. Take any album, it's usually recorded on various amps and guitars and other setups. But when they play the same set live, they do it with minimum variations.

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    but i still dont see this guitar being used more practically than its ancestors! ... i mean the most it can do is reduce the noise and give you individual control over each string, the noise control is easily cmpromised in the analogue guitars using noise gates etc, so there is nothing new, and as far as the individual string control goes, well i dont see a revolution here, i mean why would you want high e on chorus, B on flanger, G on clean, D on echo, A on expression pedal controlled wha, and E on distortion .... you cant play anything like this, ok now i am being tooo cynical but do you get my point? ... there is not much use except you can hang that beauty on the wall ask your friend to come around for a footie match and a pint, and while they are here get your guitar off the wall, rigg it up with ethernet cable plug it into "break out box" technology, use some fancy digital words and try to impress them. .... "errr ok so what does it do again .... it converts audio into digital signal and then back to analogue when plugged into amp...and there is also a latency problem after 100 yards ... hmmm ... how much did ya spend???"" (uh oh)....umm not much ... just bought it for fun (soaked)" ... .. "yeah thats what i thought ..... dont you think the gibson custom shop model of jimmy page is better??" .... you:" well the thought never croseed my mind... i can still return it!!! ... thnx"


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