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    Quote Originally Posted by unet View Post
    At the very least, get a nice amp.

    There are many budget ones, even some under 2k.
    They won't be great, but they'll do the job for now.
    does any cheap 2k amp has a distotion or overdrive on it because clean sound i m already getting with a qualitywhat a cheap amp cud give( i think,only bass e is struck open it vibrates like hell)

    still i wud like to know which are the amp which are of 2k.

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    Dec 2008
    No distortion or overive in that range...
    Stranger20w cube cums fr 2300, chk kustom, dey myt b a bit cheaper...
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    Quote Originally Posted by distorted View Post
    Stranger20w cube cums fr 2300,
    Get this.
    I meant around 2k.


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