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    Which FX Pro to choose?

    My friend has to choose one of the following multi effects processors that he can order from the USA. Which one do you recommend of these :

    Korg AX 100G
    Korg AX 1500G
    Digitech RP 200
    Digitech RP 300

    He has read many reviews for the above on the net from sites like Harmony Central. Of course 1500G is superior to 100G and 300 to 200, but he wants a good value for money with the ability to play most of the classic rock stuff he likes (Zeppelin etc, but would like eventually to play almost everything). Digitech also offers a distortion pedal I guess and appears much superior with its features but hasn't been reviewed much on that site and that's strange. Some suggestions and more recommendations within the same range ($ 200)?

    Kindly reply quick, he's ordering through a person returning to India in a couple of days.
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    The Rems is better. Go For Korg AX 1500 G. Its better. More effects and better Ranges. If you want more details ask for it.
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