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    Jan 2009

    Fret Makes Buzzing Sound

    I am new to this forum and this is my first query. I recently bought a Granada PSR-1, but after attending few classes my teacher told me that 2nd and 3rd frets make buzzing sounds and asked me to change the guitar.

    I am so used to the guitar and I do not want to change it. Please help me on the same

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    take it to da dealer and ask him to change da peice ....get da same model.......


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    Jan 2009

    Red face Fret Buzz

    Can they change it and give me a new one? Is it really possible? I have seen a sticker saying 1 year warranty inside my guitar though, just curious!

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    yeah man.....he'll change.............
    although the buzz can be gotten rid off..... since your's is a new guitar get it exchanged......
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    mad_spartan is offline Guitarist
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    wow! change the guitar for fret buzz? thats not the only solution. just try setting it up. or get it set up from someone who knows how to do it.

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    Feb 2009
    change d guitar man. its worth it. take my word!

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    if u can change it.. its better u change. there r options open to fix the buzz though.
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    Not all neck issues can be rectified. It's always safer to exchange it for a better piece.
    It would be good if your teacher could take some time out to get the guitar, since he would check the guitar in a thorough manner. Else, take a friend who knows his way around guitars.
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