@This jackass above -
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This forum (more specifically it's community, and the general mood and thought) is (for most of the part) depressing.
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your friends are WRONG.

you can't polish a turd. be it guitar, photography or anything else for that matter, the most stupid thing you can do is put expensive embellishments on a piece-of-shite foundation in the hope that you'd get something of a higher quality at the end of the day.

you can put lundgrens in it or bareknuckles, a givson will remain a givson.
^I was thinking of upgrading my RG7s pickups to BKP Cold Sweat/BKP Mule/Q-Tuner on the neck and BKP Warpig/Lundgren M7 on the bridge, but now I think I'll let all that rest and do all that plus saddle piezos to an Agile Intrepid Pro Dual/Schecter Blackjack ATX 8 (whatever IS available in an 8 string version, that is). >.>