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Thread: first guitar!!

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    sim569 is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2006

    first guitar!!

    hey i need some help buying my first guitar... have to choose between a gb&a jumbo and J&D. have heard J&D is trash...any comments??

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    Jul 2005
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    If u have to choose between these two .. then GB&A anytime.. but don't blindly go for any GB&A .. Play it well n analyse it before goin for it .. coz two same company same model guitars can be a li'l different too ..

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    May 2005
    I have a J&D acoustic and one electric. I really like the electric and the acoustic is'nt bad either. Before buying my guitar i played some Gb&a guitars as well the J&D. My observation was that the Gb&a felt good and sounded good but the sound was kinda boxed. The J&D on the other hand was really open sounding. Thats why i bought that guitar. So you better play both guitars and decide instead of taking someone's word that J&D is crap. Even cheap guitars can turn out sounding better than some high cost guitars. I've heard good things about Pluto so you might want to check that out too.
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    In acoustic, the sound while playing should be the sole deciding factor, not the name. Ofcourse if it is from a reputed brand, the chances are that the warping, bending and other thigns may not happen.
    But you cant guarantee anythign for Acoustics.
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    May 2005
    opposite axeland :(
    last window shopping i fell in love with the sound of J&D and probably will get one in this lifetime...
    ( i dont agree if u even remotely call it trash) but yeah agree 100% to what alph^^ says
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