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    First electric guitar suggestions

    Hey everyone i am looking to buy an electric guitar under 20k and wanted to know what i should get if i like to play rock/metal and want a H-S-H config and a tremolo i currently have ibanez grg170dx and ibanez grx90 in mind and if someone could help me compare the 2 it would be awesome, other suggestions are welcome too , and also pls suggest an entry level amp to go with the guitar, thanks

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    Consider Cort guitars as well. Very well made, and sound quite nice... usually for comparable models cost 10-15% lesser than Ibanez. Go to a regular shop, and try out the guitars with a good quality amp (not the 10/15W practise amps, that make shitty sound). If you have a Furtados in your city, it may be one of the best places for tryouts. Just don't take recommendation on internet and buy it online without trying first.

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