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    floyd is offline Newbie
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    Aug 2004

    Another Option for Les Paul

    Buy the Greg Bennett Avion series from Furtado's Mumbai.... Great sound and amazing price.

    Av 1 - 10 k
    AV 3 - 13.5 k
    AV 6 - 19 k.

    Personally recommend the AV3 for VFM purposes... If u have the money, sky's the limit.


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    giblesp is offline Newbie
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    Nov 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by Noboru View Post
    You can buy a softly used Black Fender Strat, Mexican, from me in Bangalore, for Rs. 18,000, includes an acoustic guitar with p/u FREE (Givson or something similar, too lazy to look right now, to fool around on). Case extra if you want it. Lemme know.
    Are you still selling this?

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    perseus is offline Beginner
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    Jun 2009
    Old sticky, but if anybody wants a decent Fender guitar, his best bet is to go across the border. That's what I did, had to do. You'll get porked for around the same amount you would at that joint in Bombay, but you'll be getting the genuine article, per your specifications (paint, hardware, etc). Music Concept on the 3'rd floor of Central World Plaza in Bangkok will give you as good a deal as you're gonna find for an American made Standard HSS, at least on this side of the planet. I bought a black HSS (white plasticware, ala vintage Clapton), maple neck.
    Staff is helpful and courteous, speak English well, will modify the thing however you like. Got some minor imperfections in the finish (couple of seams in the body wood show through, barely, if you tilt instrument just so towards light), but the key word there is minor. Beautiful guitar regardless and otherwise, set up from factory (neck, string action, bridge, magnets properly staggered in the single coil pups).
    It's an expensive option, flying and buying, but you won't have to settle for crappy quality, like those awful toy Squiers they sell over near Brigade Rd (Bangalore). Or pay outrageous import tax, for that matter.
    Customs guy looked at box in airport, "What's this?" Felt like saying none of your damned business. Said it's a guitar, he squinted like a chimp, hooted for me to go ahead.
    If anybody does go to Bangkok, beware the taxi drivers. Think auto drivers're bad? You ain't seen nothin'.

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    nandac is offline Guitarist
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    Sep 2007
    a new mex strat for $100 to $300? you got to be kidding. it is like minimum $500 in the usa.

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    nandac is offline Guitarist
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    Sep 2007
    but for the same price advertised here, i think you can take a trip to bangkok and buy the guitar there as well. vacation plus axe. how good can it get!

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    zamanakhan is offline Newbie
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    Feb 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by jayswami View Post
    they r way over priced. emxican strats are in $100-300 range.. and they r selling for 30,000Rs??? makes me mad
    the only thing fender makes for under 300 are the squires which really arent fender at all, they have nothing in common with an american or even a mexican strat shit some of the squires are ply wood. the cheapest mexican strat ur gonna find on this side of the pond is for about $450, plus setup. But i would save up for an american neways.

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    Dec 2009
    Anybody seen a standard strat (mexican) for less than Rs.29450? Kindly also mention location.

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    ashubaba is offline Newbie
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    Aug 2012
    This is my video I Used A#power B#power And Asus.. Is this matching with this song If not So please suggest me some tips to Improve In it.. Thanx To all to come here.... Just one more click to.. see and back and suggest me what you feel....Bad or good Write down in comments

    aadat se hai mujhko - YouTube

    and suggest me best guitar

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    Raunaqb5 is offline Newbie
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    Dec 2012
    Guys... you may find these prices a bit high
    But think from our point of view.... Importing these guitar, we pay taxes, customs, duties and octroi before it reaches any retail store.
    You cannot compare any brand or any product price in India and U.S.A.

    Any Further queries contact me on +91 9769131830.

    Owner of Musicians Mall, Mumbai.


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