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    People talk SS amps down as if they were the worst thing that ever happened to the music scene. Tube amps do give you a compression ("warmth") that as yet has not been replicated by any solid state amp, and of course there's the unbeatable sound of a tube amp going into overdrive but I don't see how it all matters through the PODXT Lives that everyone gigs with these days.

    I like the sound of my Laney. Sure it doesn't give me "creamy overdrive" but then I don't play Clapton that often.

    Don't put SS amps down there with Marilyn Manson. He might break the input jack.
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    For maintaining mobility, XT LIVE is the best u can get, u can obviously not carry yr amp evrywhr... Plus u save yrself frm the mysterious procedure of micing the amp... Save yr tones n plug in dude...
    N dear hundredth, dare u speak a word against marilyn manson... :x
    i worship him...
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    Into these dreams of sadness forever we'll go
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    i trade weed.... any buyers??

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    thanks for the help.....

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    talk about strict budget.......pfft..........


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