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    Expensive guitar gear question

    Anyone out there have one of these pricey gadgets? Looking for someone who has a tc electreonic g-system. wanting to get some feedback. i have a 1975 orange and i think it will help me use all my gear(lee jackson preamp, etc.) more efficiantly. Wanting to use the onboard effects in the g-system through the loop of the orange, but have everything else in front of the orange. Hoping to find someone who has one and can help me make up my mind before i drop $1500.

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    heyyyyy an orange 1975 4x12! are u delhi based?
    its a good idea that u want or are thinking of adding efx in the amp efx loop.
    a frind of mine just got the g system.....will ask him how good it is performance viz n wht are its strong points.harmony central has some ppl nagging about it and the g system has modulation n tempo based efx only...hope u know dist/ would be good to use a tc elec. vpd1 or t-rex or fulltone pedals in the loop for the vintage tone or in conjunction with the g sys
    it seems to be a very handy efx pedal.
    do lemme know what kind of tone u're looking for or wht set kind of setup u have in mind.
    personally,i think the g system is over priced,it would be a better idea to go in for a g force with a midi controller if u want to walk the T.C Electronics path as it covers all spheres.
    drop a line............



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