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    i hate to just walk into a thread and shit on everything, especially on a purported start-up, before i have something conclusive - therefore, i'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and simply ask some very direct, blunt and pointed questions:

    1. i took the trouble of browsing your website and checking out your PDF catalog, which i couldn't help but notice is almost completely whacked from the warmoth website. the pickups are all off stewmac. the extra shapes are easily identifieable as fernandes, dean and BC rich shapes. what's the story here? i cannot believe that you have all these shapes in your CAD repository or all these wood/hardware options in your stockpile.

    2. what paints do you use for that variety of finishes you offer? what is your painting set up like?

    3. there are a lot of tall claims made by you - please substantiate the claim "infinite sustain", for example - are you using a fernandes sustainer or sustainiac in all your guitars?

    3a. also, how do you "exclusively engineer" copper wire? feel free to get as technical as you like in your explanation. since pretty much every custom pickup winder out there offers details to this, i don't see why you shouldn't either.

    how do handwound pickups result in more stability? did you also serve up copypasta from another website for the custom wound pickups?

    4. i call bullshit:

    all right ill be honest wid u i think u have no idea hw buisness works hopefully afta reading this it should get u thinking straight. when u have a registered company u cnt just go ahead n start clicking pics n post dem especially not for a band or a brand. everything has to be copyrighted and since my company is a custom guitar company i have to be mre carefull that the things under my company name are registered so that sum random jerk just does not get up and clam it under his name that is why the process is taking time it is not like it is a single days process it takes time and patience for my copyright lisence to arrive for the timebien you can go ahead and visit my fb page just in case you want to see a sample of wad i have made. unfortunately der is just 1 guitar der as it is the only 1 under copyright
    i can't speak for ricky but for myself: i run an SSE (manufacturing) with about 25-30 employees, so i think i have a pretty good idea of how businesses work. you can certainly not copyright that dean body shape you knocked off, so i'm not sure what "copyright" you're talking about.

    as for copyrighting images - ANY photographer can copyright a photo in his/her personal name without further implications, or publish them under a CC license so that dating is possible - infringement accusations can still be upheld. you have no idea what you're talking about.

    5. transparency: what is your workshop and setup like? how many employees do you have? if you are building these instruments yourself, what are your credentials as a builder? what amps do you test your guitars on?

    6. is the dean on your FB page the only guitar you have ever built? are there other prototypes?

    i am usually the last one to attack a beginner - it is fairly well known that i have supported ansar's venture from the start and have even recommended his services to people who were recommended to me. this is because i value his straightforwardness, hard work and integrity. he's also extremely transparent about his stuff.

    as and when i take an amp order, i am quick to turn down projects that i think are not worth my time, not feasible, or will be too expensive for the buyer. i'm also 100% transparent about every last part that goes into the amp, down to the wire used.

    for these reasons, i'd be great if you can answer these questions posed above or do something to inspire confidence in your company. also, please make the effort to write complete words and sentences because it's incredibly difficult to figure out what you're trying to say.

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    +1 to flood's post.
    They ask no quarter...

    PRS Tremonti SE, LTD M-50
    Tech 21 SansAmp Character Series California
    Malekko Ekko 616
    MXR M117 Flanger

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    Torvoraptor is offline Beginner
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    Dec 2010
    I don't think these guys have any substance whatsoever... their pickup suggestions are pretty pathetic- the images on their websites are lifted from google (I saw a pic of an SG Goddess I'd been ogling earlier on their page... ugh) and as of now they have not a single person to verify their legitimacy- nor anyone willing to discuss the real nitty gritty of guitar design and no transparency in the pricing of the guitar upgrades-

    from the lack of professionalism it seems like a bunch of college students messing around... they have a long way to go.


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