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    Oct 2004
    I swear to God, if i had seen even a single LP in furtadoes dat day, I'd had worked my arse off to get my hands on it.

    @ninad.....let me check out alberto's. its in malad ? rite?

    @6strings....dats a good news.

    Wats the cost of epiphone LP in mumbai anyways?
    I choose misery.

    Ibanez S470DX, Ibanez JEM 555, Digitech GNX1 :)

    When a poisoneous snake bites you; Do you try to chase him or do you try to remove the poison?

    Barkhat ali is better than Thai Twank! :p

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    Sep 2004
    The setup looks good man, those traynors really have a good reputation!
    Tele + new strings = Heaven


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