judging from the price alone these could be one of three guitars.

Either a special Mexican make, a standard Japanese make or the Highway-1 US make. From what you can get in the UK its very unlikely to be that Japanese make so more than likely its either the Mexican (more than likely) or a Highway-1 US (not very likely).

But again get either the first four letters/digits of the serial number or phone Fender/shop and ask them.

now going back to this second hand business. I would target the purchase of these guitars if i were you:

But again remember that since your out getting a humbucker on your Strat/Tele it also might be an idea to check out a Tokai Firebird. Brand new these are around 550 but second hand you might be able to pick it up for around 300-350. They are also versatile (not as much as the strat) but also pack a punch a great guitar.