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    acorn guts
    thats a good point!!!
    i have more than one guitars cuz i need diff guage strings for diff genres of music that i play . .. and they are tuned to different pitch as well .. saves me time
    AND!! no two guitars are exactly the same ... you buy one ... love it .. then you go and try another one .. that one is even better .. so you buy both .. hehe thats what happens to me all the time .. its just that my pocket doesnt allow me to buy a third one .. :( there is a realy awesome sounding ibanez s-series that i saw couple of weeks ago .. i hope its still there ..

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    May the Lord help you and have mercy to your pocket : Emen : haha
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    acorn guts
    hahahaha ... AMEN!!! ... and just incase ... AMEN again ...

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    islamabad, pakistan
    Epiphone les pauls are all solid except les paul custom and black beauty

    custom and blackbeauty are "slim"
    Q-Whats the word that iz alwayz spelt wrong
    A-Wrong :p:

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackmamba
    Well, although I am not any resident expert on LPs but since I own 2 Gibson LPs - I can say that most models (Studios, Standards etc.) are solid body. There are some that are chambered as mentioned by Shak but if you really want one which is hollow aka chambered, get a custom that way you can have best of both worlds.

    Not sure about Epiphones - don't really consider them to be Les Pauls :-)

    Just my 2c!
    u used to have an epiphone until recently, which u were selling off as being not too diff from a gib LP

    except ultra all epi Lps are solid bodies......
    i do ike the ultra finish, the faded cherry quilt top, with gold hardware

    and the special isnt something i wud recommend, crappy gutiar..not even set neck!!!
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