Hi ,

I Have 2 EMG HZ H4 Passive Humbucker Pickups for sale (5 Months Old )....
I Stay in Bangalore...I am expecting 6000 Rs if both are bought together or 3500 Rs each..Incase you want only 1 Pickup ! ( Price Bit negotiable )
In my opinion it sounds best in Bridge position....Tho I use same model pickups for Both Bridge And Neck ( H - H ) !

If you want to know how it sounds like....take a look at my video here...

www . youtube . com / watch?v=FiJfJh7o8yo (Pls remove the spaces in the link)

Reason for selling is...This pickup is best suited for Heavy Metal.....But I play Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin Stuff...So its not the best pickups for me....I am Planing to buy DiMarzio Super Distortion/Evolution And PAF Joe Pickups which suits my style of playing !

I can ship this to anywhere in India if you are ready to pay for shipping ( Hardly 50-100 Bucks ) !
Or you can pick up from my place if you stay in Bangalore !
Also I can do the wiring if you dont know ( Bangalore Only Ofcourse )

If you want to buy from a different place (Not Bangalore) I will list it on eBay so you can buy it without the tension of being cheated , Also with a 7day return policy if you are not satisfied !

Thanks ! \m/