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    Electric guitars...

    I hv been playing the acustic for a long time. I am thinking of getting a electric guitar now... But I am a lot confused abt it. I keep hearing these stuffs like the amp, some distortion pedal and may more...
    Can any1 please explain in details what are those stuffs and what I need to to get started....

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    okay...well an electric guitar doesnt have a sound box like an u will need an amplifier (amp)... u connect ur guitar in the amplifier...then u hear the sound from ur electric guitar... it will sound like an acoustic unless DISTORTION is turned on....if ur amp has the distortion effect.. (most amps do)....then turn it on...n u get the distortion effect in ur music that u play from ur guitar... if amp doesnt have distortion... then u use a distortion pedal...which simply is a pedal...that swithes between distortion n the normal acoustic sound... step on da pedal to get the distortion...otherwise u get jus the normal sound..

    i hope this explains ur query....

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    amplifier= bhopu...guitar ko amplifier mein connect karo aur awaaz aati hai.
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