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Thread: Effects Pedals

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    Effects Pedals


    i wanted some advice and answers frm some of the more expercienced guitarists on here. is the zoom g2 better value for the buck than the zoom g1, and do both have guitar tuners built in?


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    zoom g2 is definitely better.
    both have built-in guitar tuners.
    Rohan Dasgupta.
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    Mar 2006
    what about analog pedals? anyone suggest some good ones please. and whats the cost of the boss metal zone mt-2,and boss eq pedal [GE-7] this one seller is cheating me i feel cause he says Rs7000 something.... which is bullshit i think, and does anyone have any idea where to get any of the electro-harmonics pedals in India, is it available or ever going to be available, how are these pedals compare to the pod xt and boss multi-effects processors in terms of sound quality?

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    Analog pedal pwn digital processors till you can buy stuff over 25K.

    I myself wanted a Metal Muff to get into India but could not due to 35% ****ing taxes.

    Contact Ashutosh from though. He might be able to help you.
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    toolhead is offline Newbie
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    Mar 2006
    whats 'pwn' ? and were u getting the metal muff from abroad or getting it imported?

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    pwn = own = greater than = can kill = pwn = poon = own = oon = pwn

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    Thumbs up hmm

    cool thanx man, crystal clear



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