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    Oct 2005

    Question Which effect RP250 or G2.1u

    Hey guys,

    Tell me which effect would you prefer,

    1. Digitech RP250
    2. Zoom G2.1u

    Reply soon...

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    Jul 2004
    zoom for metal, Rp for anything else
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    Jun 2008
    digitech RP250 will most likely give u gud crunch distortion

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    Dec 2008
    Zoom is shit... One of my friend bought it fr 7.5k frm bajaao sum 4 mnths back... (i dont know what they hv added in it, so it is cuming fr 9+)
    Digitech is better, boss is even better... luk fr sum boss processors in the range, if they suit u, its gud... Odrwise pik digitech, dats wat i suggest...
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