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    @6stringer: thanx fr explaining the stuff...
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    Just giving an LFR a pro setup wont do.Its all about the pivotal points ,that is the knife edge.The knife edge on the LFR's are manufactured using low quality metals.The edge III is also falls in this category.

    And to the person who said the OFR is better than the Edge or Lo pro,Actually its all personal preference.In my expirience,the OFR is definitely a great tremolo which has great return but it lacks the fluidity of the ibanez bridges.If you use a Lo pro or an edge pro n then use the OFR ,you will know how stiff or tight the bar feels .
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    Quote Originally Posted by royal terror View Post
    wat r the advantages and drawbacks of havin floyd in guitars?
    Theres no advantages and drawbacks, its all preferences. I say, know your preferences; dont get one just because you think that you may need one in the future. get it only if you KNOW you need one.

    So better you get a guitar with standard tremolo. See if that is keeping you interested(like looking to do dive bombs and stuff), you can go ahead and buy one,( just make sure that you buy something in 20k+ range. ). Otherwise its bit of an inconvienience(harder to tune, cheap ones and go out of tune easily, harder to set intonation etcc ).
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