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    Jun 2008
    46 was just it poss to get an amp know one that could handle a guitar and maybe a keyboard. I believe solid state amps are built for this. Got couple of schematics but have doubts regarding the availability of the freakin ICs.

    Lemme know man... thanks for your help mate.............cheers

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    sorry guys my pc keeps acting strange so dup post was entered

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    i've never bothered with solid state amps. not my scene. most TDA ics should be readily available. i might build a solid state gainclone as a hi-fi/monitor amp... the LM3875 and 3886 are available too, but make sure you spend a little bit extra and buy the real thing - there are a lot of fakes on the market.

    vegakit sells a 100W "electric guitar amplifier" kit for some 700 bucks. add another 300 for a transformer. i'm sure it sounds like shit (its probably an old kustom or something), but maybe you can run it clean.

    if you're asking me i i would build one for you - sorry, have no experience whatsoever with solid state amps to date, and i have way too many projects to finish right now. and it would be a LOT more expensive than buying a bog-standard stranger or kustom.

    don't know about putting 5 FX in one box. i hope you don't plan to step on it if you're thinking of using thin sheet metal. i'm actually planning to do something similar - 7-8 different really, really horrible fuzz effects, feedback loop and a bunch of LFOs all in parallel as a desktop solid state noise processor. but yeah, it's not going to be stepped on (i may relay control it though) and it's just an experiment as such.

    one warning. putting 5 FX in one box can get really confusing with the wiring, though it's really not. also, make sure you have a good power supply filtering going. build in a dedicated power supply with about 750mA output, at best. it'S a lot more than you need, but you will reduce the ripple greatly.


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