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    Quote Originally Posted by shailm View Post
    The easiest way to go DIY is BYOC- Build Your Own Clone. You can buy kits for certain pedals, and build them yourself.
    BYOC - The World's Finest DIY Guitar Effects Kits
    easiest?? r u kidding?

    I have visited this site earlier than ur post and found that i cant get those PCBs by any mean....
    yes, they do provide the circuit diagram but the basic requirement is that PCB...

    I have circuit diagrams of Boss DS-1, DS-2, OD-1, MT-2, MXR Distortion Plus and many more....(may be stickies can be made with them) but making them on a plain PCB is risky + untrustworthy + time eating + harassing +......bla bla bla

    I hope unkle have PCBs with their schematics
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    go to their "FX Kits" section, they provide everything needed in the kit.
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    Shipping to India?
    What about customs duty?
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