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    Ok as if i was'nt confused enough before...i've learnt that i can get a new set of pedals for about the same money...they are

    Vox BullDog Distortion (Tube)
    Maxon Real Tube Series Overdrive ROD-880
    Maxon Distortion Master DS-830

    So my head's spinning again...which one should i get?? First 2 are tube pedals (Maxon one running the tube under starvation mode i.e low gain whereas vox developed some circuit to run the tube at high gain conditions with low wattage) which for that kinda money is a steal but the third maxon also impresses me a lot.

    Again need some clarifications...which one would you guys choose??
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    raj.hendrix is offline Tabber
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    Feb 2007
    maxons are damn good, i would suggest u go for a distortion since u already got a bad monkey. go for a high gain one to supplement your overdrive pedal.


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