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Thread: Digitech rp80

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    Quote Originally Posted by nebuchadnezzar
    Hmm..I'm more or less decided on rp80..but thought it wouldnt hurt to see what others had to say about it....ok... rp80 it is!Korg is a bit expensive.....that AX100G costs $200..I think u meant AX1G..its available for $99.
    Hey Nebu,
    Korg AX1500G costs $199. AX100G must be much cheaper. In India only it costs about 9K. It should be around $100 there. Check it out. That was my first distortion unit and I really liked it. It's much better than the AX1500G in the sound though 1500G is much more convenient with it's nice pedal board arrangement.
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    No, I checked the prices online, it is that costly...and I think the 100G is not available on zzsounds or music123..etc

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    yeah, the Korg AX100G is discontinued.


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