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    meetme.shiraz is offline Newbie
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    May 2010

    Digitech Ex-7 Help

    I bought a new Digitech Ex-7..n due to some faulty wiring issues in my house the adapter got blown up or something when i tried the pedal for the 1st time..i got a new pedal..when i tried it..there was power in the adapter as well as the pedal..but no sound from the guitar..i tried everything..used different guitars..but no sound..even tried calibrating the pedal..but it just wont work..plz help..ny help will be appreciated

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    Jimmy_Rage is offline Newbie
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    New Delhi
    Your English doesn't really make sense to me, but I'll try to help:
    1) If you did not replace the original pedal:
    Dude, first off, you need to check whether it was the adaptor that blew up or the pedal... Try using a different adaptor of the same voltage and required power rating to see if the EX-7 powers on... If it doesn't, it's likely something in the pedal burnt out due to the power surge... Hopefully, it will be covered under the warranty you got when you bought the pedal... You can always tell the shopkeeper you have no idea why it won't work and he will replace it or repair it at no charge
    2) If you replaced the pedal with a new one:
    Ok, assuming you replaced the pedal and now when you plug in the adaptor, both it and the pedal light up, but no sound is coming out... Check your instrument cables... Try the pedal and adaptor with another guitar and another amp to see if you can identify the problematic link in your signal chain... If you still can't identify the problem, take it to the shopkeeper and see where your warranty gets you.

    Sorry if this seems like the obvious solution, but it is.

    - Jimmy Rage
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