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    Diff b/w normal amp and bass amp

    I am switching from playing rhythm to bass.
    I have no idea whatsoever regarding the bass as of now.Going to buy the java bass this week.But i know that i will require a new bass amp also.But whats the difference b/w a normal amp and a bass amp.I mean i already have a stranger cube20.cant i reuse it

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    Two things:
    1. Wattage
    2. Frequency response

    Bass amp/speaker should be capable of higher wattage, that is because our ears are more insensitive to bass frequencies.
    Higher power is required to make "equally" loud sound from a bass as compared to guitar.

    The frequency response of normal guitar amp/speakrs/cabinets are so designed that there is a roll-off at 80Hz. And there is a cut-off at 50 Hz.
    That works well with guitar.
    However, your bass operates one octave lower.

    Ofcourse havgin a roll-off @ 80Hz aint gonna hurt, and your bass will sound like a bass guitar only, the only hithc being: you wont hear the fundamental note, only the overtones would be audible.

    But for that deep tone, you do require the full range. Fundamental frequency included.
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