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Thread: Delay pedal

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    1. when we say "solid state" loosely, are we ever really talking about anything but an amp? I do know the difference between solid state and valve ronnie. Clearly I was misunderstood as being in context of a pedal. I was talking about an AMP

    2. Again I said players "here", I was not talking about the pros. Firstly, How many young musicians in India have access to valve amps?. Most guys I know get a great sound out of their pedals, then the big gig comes up and you've got a cool JCM 900 sitting on stage. How many "indian musicians" actually make use of the amp drive, If you do kudos to you, you getting my drift?. And I agree completely about the pros' setup. And just so you know I've played the awsome Fender Super Reverb, Peavey 5150, and JCM 800/900 quite extensively. Even owned a valvestate 40.

    3. I didn't buy it. I inherited it from a friend who's since left the country. I hate Digitech btw

    4. You are absolutely spot on. I rely on Pickups and Amp for my dynamics. I do use Distortion but not enough to mess up the guitars clarity. Whenever possible I like to split channels, Get one reasonably dirty and the other only slightly. And not all processors compress a signal necessarily. The ones I used offered compression as an option. Needles to say I never used it, Well maybe for some megadeth.

    5. You clarified my point (2) exactly. Thank you. I used to have a DS1 and DD3 .That was all I ever needed for the stage, Since I stopped gigging, and my life got incredibly complicated with the ME50, gear has come a long way since then, but I still don't think I need anything else, except maybe a dash of chorus and a wah definately.

    6. Amp buddy, not pedals. Am I speaking another language?. And I'm certainly not discounting the importace of a guitar here. Your TONE is an amalgam of many things including the player. And you'll be surprised how little distortion I use for my own stuff. Maybe I'll put up some clips sometime.

    7. you should probably read closer. I don't claim to be a great guitar player or an expert of any kind. I'm merely sharing a subjective experience. That said, give me a shitty guitar and I'll get it to sing at least something.

    8. Ok now this is starting to annoy me so I'm going to make this really simple.
    when I say Solid State/valve - I'm talking about Amp
    Whenever I say Analogue/ Digital I'm referring to effect, kapeesh?

    Now If that clears things up, God I hope so!

    And once again,
    I'm not saying any one thing is better than another. Good tone is important for any guitarist, and if your quest takes you through a million stompboxes to find it, more power to you. I'm not gigging right now and if I do start again, it'll probably be in a small way. And given my live needs are very few, but my home use needs diverse and rather exerimental in nature, and my budget only reasonable it makes more sense for "ME" to get a decent proc as opposed to a collection of pedals. Now this doesn't have to apply to you. Get it? A Boss Gt-8 can give me the basics I need for stage And experimental nonsense for home all sounding pretty damn decent so I'll probably go for it, Ok with you sir? Now if you'll excuse me,I think I've wasted enough time on this thread

    Good day

    And No offence taken anyway, but just read carefully before you go shooting the messenger. For my part I'll try to be more articulate and clear, and oh about electronics books- I'm a B.Sc Physics, so thanks, My lecturers will be so proud


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    Quote Originally Posted by tallkien
    This whole analoge/digital debate sometimes makes me want to hurl. There is a trend among pros these days to go for stomps over processors. So lo and behold everybody goes and chucks their processors and buys one stomp after another till kingdom come, and I'll bet paying no heed to the fact that every box you add to your chain you are going to kill your signal a little bit. How many of you stompbox heads actually use quality cables/plugs between boxes. And I'll bet all this glorious analogue tone eventually ends up in a 15 watt solid state modeled amp anyway. So the point would be???

    Personally, I think unless you're a super yuppie or a serious professional, don't be in a hurry to chuck your processors just yet. Be practical and instead spend serious money on an amp first. Your "TONE" perse starts with this "most important" component. Even your guitar is secondary. Stay solid state unless you fly overseas often enough to replace valves but get a good one. The upper end Marshall MGs are very good value for money IMO (I play a 250). I think most Laneys I played here are pretty lame, stay way from those. I've heard good things about Line 6 but have never played one.

    You could spend loads of money, countless hours tweaking till you find your perfect tone, and every gig you play is going to be through somebody else's amp anyway so what does it all amount to in the end. If you insist on boxes, stick to the very basics. If you already have a processor, USE IT! If the delay on it sucks you can add just a delay box to it.

    For me personally, I don't find this stompbox fad very practical, hep as it might be. And I don't seem to have much of a problem finding usable tone with just a guitar and amp either, so go figure...
    In this whole thread:
    Delay pedal
    There has been no reference to what ever you posted.

    Why dont you admit that you simply got carried away and ranted on somethign that was actually irrelevant here (maybe very relevant if talking in general).

    The fact is it that your post had nothign to do with the dealy or FX pedals that we were all talking about.
    You talked about distortion.

    Actually what did you mean by posting all that?

    PS: what is kapeesh?
    You donít get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

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    I'll admit my post has very little to say about delay pedals, and if that's crime you can have my head, I may even have ranted on a bit and flown off the handle, but if you really look closely I'm not talking BS

    And my sincerest apologies if I've misguided anyone, that was not my intention, I would never intentionally try to do anything of the sort. My experience with pedals is really quite limited at least compared to some of you, but I'm no stranger to good tone. If anything I was just trying to stress on the imortance of the amp in the chain. Many young guitarists put way too much effort into pedals, and like ronnie said when they get to stage they're lost.

    so hey


    stay cool and have a nice day

    kapeesh? means understand?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tallkien
    kapeesh? means understand?
    Kapeesh is also Monkey Character in some Amar Chitra Katha comic I guess...So you called Alpha1 a kapeesh
    I'm the one that has to die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life, the way I want to. - Hendrix
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    alpha1 has a magic tail which can grow as long as he wants


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