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    Question decide for a quality acoustic guitar

    hey guys

    this is my second thread please help me decide for a quality acoustic guitar befween the price range of 12k - 17k (got to save 3-5 for the shell too).

    Isn't there any IBANEZ acoustic guitar available newhere in india?

    i want something with best sound and decent pickups,its one time investment, after this i'll be going into electrics. again Please help.

    i live in Delhi but i can even come to mumbai to get my guitar. PLEASE help me DECIDE



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    Dec 2004
    San Francisco, USA
    I have an Ovation Applause for sale. AE28 Acoustic-Electric in excellent condition with new strings, lead cable and a US made well-padded case. Name your price....I am in London but will be in Mumbai mid June...if you can wait that is - the guitar is in Mumbai and well kept...I only play at home...
    Ibanez S540LTD, Gibson Les Paul Studio, Ovation SS, Digitech GNX4

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    ..have to checked out the music stores in delhi??
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    Zoom 606 - Rs 3999 (Price Drop!!!)
    Stranger NS 30- Rs 1999 (Price Drop!!!)
    PM me if u are interested



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