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Thread: Cort x1?

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    saqib.shah06 is offline Newbie
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    Jul 2009

    Cort x1?

    Has anyone used the cort X1 ?? how does it compare with the squier strat?

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    angel_of_sin's Avatar
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    Jun 2006
    New Delhi
    corts are better than squiers.......but when i had gone to buy my backup guitr the shopkeeper said that they had stopped stocking corts because of some complaints they have had in the past........and true enough when i played my friend's cort i found it a very average axe.....

    i might have a particular bias towards greg bennett's.....but they justify themselves for it.............i think it's better if you go for a Greg bennett Avion is the best beginner guitar in the under 10k budget.............


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    Harsh Kumar's Avatar
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    Cort Rulez!!
    Just pick the right one!!
    needs to be handpicked, thats it!

    Dont buy online!!
    Harsh Kumar
    Manipal University (MIT)



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