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    Exclamation Confusion b/w pickups

    Hey guys, my frnd has a LTD Viper 50 ... The guitar was fitted with stock ESP passive humbuckers but he wants to go for a pickup upgrade ... I've gone over about different styles of pickups, like the P-90 style or the Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio's humbuckers, but I can't really figure out which one would be the best ? Plz advise for both the neck and the bridge position ... Also, are hum-cancelling pickups effective ??? Thanks a lot

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    rickkkyrich Guest
    Depends on what you wanna play....Any humbucker is fine don't just go for the styles of pups...

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    Sep 2010
    Depends on what kind of music he plays.....For metal EMG 81/85 or Seymour Duncan Blackouts are the best bet....
    Humbucker is a hum cancelling pickup....hence the name....however Passive humbuckers are comparatively noisy when compared to active humbuckers.....I have a 4 month old EMG81/85 Active Humbuckers with 2 yrs warranty for sale...Comes with the complete them for 11,900....I am expecting to sell em for 8000.....let me know if interested...

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    Jul 2010
    Has anyone here tried out the SD Invaders? Looking forward to get them on my Cort..
    And then I walk away and I'm smiling, so...'Cause I know no one else can do that.'

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    jhon_gopal is offline Newbie
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    Mar 2010
    the SD invaders are ideal at the bridge, not sure about the neck. the SD jazz would do wonders at the neck as on what i heard,(the Mark Morton combo)



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