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    Confused plz help

    Guys I m getting my 2nd electric guitar...I went to a store and really liked these 2 guitars
    1.Cort EVL K6
    2.Cort CR 250
    i really cant decide which one to buy....I play metal mostly...The advantage of the EVL K6 is that its got EMG 81/85 pickups that sounds real great for metal and its got 24 frets. The CR 250 on he other hand has neck thru construction and a tuneomatic bridge which means i can change the tuning easily. The EVL k6 has got floyd rose and mostly from wat i ve heard its a pain in the ass to change the tunings (i keep changing from drop c to drop d or standard etc) plus i dont use floyd rose that much...The CR250 is cheaper than the EVL K6 as it has classic rocker pickups but they r also gud but the EMGs r beastly...I m cool with both LP and strat shape...Really i dont want any other options just between these 2 guitars gotta choose...So guys plz help....

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    Owning a FR Cort i can say that if you don't use FR much don't get it. It's stable, but once in a while tuning it can be bit cumbersome. Also during string changes you have to be extra careful to not upset the bridge's balance point as it will not remain parallel to the body. And the thing about changing tunings is also there, it's not very convenient to unlock the nuts, tune then lock them. Get a CR250/280. If you ever fancy doing dive bombs get a cheap pitch shifter pedal or if you have budget get a Digitech Whammy.

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    Dunno recently even i was confused between cort cr 250 and evl x6...there is the schecter demon 6 which doesn have a floyd rose but comes with great pickups like seymour duncan hb105 acive humbuckers....



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