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Thread: compare!!!

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    Question compare!!!

    hey can neone tell me if a guitar with more pickups is better..
    is an esp comparatively costlier than an IbaneZ..
    Is RG series better than Ibanez's axe..
    here r the links..

    please compare these n tell me which is

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    hey...i know a karan nagpal...were u dps mathura road?

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    OMG... Bachpan ka pyaar.... IGT... Uniting lives...
    Into these dreams of darkness that unite our souls
    Into these dreams of sadness forever we'll go
    Forsaking the illusion that turns the flesh from stone
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    i trade weed.... any buyers??

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    back to the question.
    it's not a fact that ESP's are costlier than Ibanez and secondly the "RG" is a series of guitars from Ibanez.Every guitar has its own pros and cons i think which describes the cost.
    As for the guitars, the ESP LTD Alexi2000 is a great guitar and it has EMG pickups and i think are better than the DiMarzio one's.can't say about the EMG-ESP but the EMG 81/85 KICK ASS!
    The DiMarzio (I played the RG2250EX) give a more juicy distortion as compared to the chunky EMG one's.That my opinion.
    Metal Rules,if you don't like it then DIE-Paul Baloff (RIP)

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    if ur into metal .... ESP guitars are closer to what u need....on the other hand if u like to joe satriani kinda stuff ibanez guitars r 4 u



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