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    Get a Good String Cleaner like Dunlop Formula 65 or GHS Fast Fret. That will keep your strings smooth and long lasting. Use a Guitar Polish from Dunlop and that will keep your guitar body shining. I dont use the guitar polish, infact I dont even clean my guitar body. The uglier it looks, the better it is..I love the worn out faded looks.
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    how much do these polishes cost?
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    See for urself. GHS Fast Fret costs abt $5, while Dunlop Formula 65 is also around that. And they last forever... Worth wayyyy more than their prices..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Johny Bravo
    Lolz I was about to say so, but u admitted it. Its a good repair guide btw. I learnt a lot from there. Also, it is silicone, not silicon that hurts the wood. There are actually some silicones that dont have any silicon in them at all :P. They have carbon or germanium instead.

    I dont think that is much of a problem, removing the strings. I take off all the strings while cleaning the fretboard. Cleaning it with the strings on might be a PIA. Removing the strings doesnt hurt the neck that much. Just use some support under the neck while cleaning. And when u restring it, leave it alone for about a day or two, so that the neck can back get to equilibrium. Nothing to worry about, trust me.
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