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  • Blue Diamond

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  • GS1000

    1 100.00%
  • Java

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  • Starter Pack

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  • Any Other Less Than 5k (Black Diamond,Silvertone)..i live in mumbai btw

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    nunoxic is offline Newbie
    Join Date
    Jan 2009

    Exclamation Cheap Electric Guitar

    i have been playing guitar for over a year now and thought of switching to an electric but i can't spend more than 4-5k for the guitar
    i have the following options :
    giVson blue diamond
    giVson GS1000
    Java (from
    a starter pack (dun remember the name, some subordinate of Fender)

    i basically play "clean" stuff, not much distortion and stuff(blues,country and rock) and i have read alllll the past posts in the forum and i am aware that if i spend a lil more ill get a better one but i cannot spend a buck more than 5k


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    nunoxic is offline Newbie
    Join Date
    Jan 2009
    Sorry to double post, was unable to edit, i live in mumbai , if u suggest a particular guitar cud u also suggest where i cud get it (especially giVsons)

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    mad_spartan is offline Guitarist
    Join Date
    Nov 2008
    dude save up like 5k more and then buy a good guitar or a starter pack. buying Java or giVson is totally not worth it.

    that's what i did.

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    distorted's Avatar
    distorted is offline satan
    Join Date
    Dec 2008
    dont go fr givsons, java rates just a bit high... Chk fr GB&A, n sum chinese brands... N rather den dealing frm bajaao, chk out the shops yrself, u'll get better deals...
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    thedisciple's Avatar
    thedisciple is offline Guitarist
    Join Date
    Dec 2008
    gb&a st-2, pretty decent strat copy.
    visit bhargavas at bandra.

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    Strings Lord is offline Newbie
    Join Date
    Feb 2009
    if u play clean stuff(if mostly hindi) den givson is not bad. gb&a is gud at dis range.



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