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    Can someone review Squier SE-100 Electric Guitar Pack


    Can someone please tell me the quality of "Squier SE-100 Electric Guitar Pack"

    It has following items
    Squier SE-100 Electric Pack Features:

    * Squier Stratocaster
    * Gig bag
    * Squier SP-10 practice amp with switchable distortion
    * Electronic tuner
    * Strap, cable, picks
    * The Fender Guitar Method book

    I am a newbie.


    Should I go for a Marshall Amp 10W and a decent electric guitar for Rs. 10K
    If you suggest buying a guitar for Rs. 10K suggest a decent one.
    How is Yamaha Pacifica 012 for 11K or is there a better guitar for playing metal.
    I'll play Metallica mostly

    Thanks in advance

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    go for the Squier California fat strat. The Pacifica too is good.
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