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    Can i Connect a Cabinet to a 15 W marshall ?

    I have two 15 watt marshalls however i want connect a cabinet to it in addition , so is it worth attaching any cabinets for such low-powered amps if it's useful then what is the max power o/p of the cabinet that can be attached

    plz advice quickly

    cause i will be giging live this weekend & the stage is a open ampithreter

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    even am intersted in the answers to this one
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    man from wat ur saying i dont thnk there n e way u can connect 2 15 watts marshalls to a cabnet it just doesnt hav the power 2 * 15 watts is like a practice amp the only way u amplify the noise is by using a PA system or ge a bigger amp

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    we already have a PA sys. however i don't wanna loose the tone of my marshall; however buying a bigger quality amp is too costly & out of question.

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    AFAIK its not much use...the power rating of your amp will matter and not the cab rating
    you're better off using the line out of the marshall straight into the PA and then monitoring it for your use



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