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    six_shooter is offline Newbie
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    Nov 2004

    Can anyone give me information about Digitech GNX4

    I would like to buy a Digitech GNX4....Right now i own a BOSS distrotion pedal. i would like to know if the Gadget is worth that high price and also would like to know if there is any other guitar processor available in Rolands or Korg which gives the same feature as that of the GNX4.

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    Sep 2003
    You you ask me i would say go for GNX 4.. Its all that you need to play Guitar.. I have played one.. So i know.. Nohting comes close to GNX 4..
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    blackmamba is offline Rocker Monk
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    Dec 2004
    San Francisco, USA
    277 ...that was easy and a little googling willt ake you to some GNX4 forums and you can read the reviews. Also don't forget to check out for a great review. Just bought 1 Its great. I was thinking of GNX1 :d (I must be mad!!!) but this one is super cool!
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    Wrong forum for me to ask in, but are you interested in selling off the Boss Distortion pedal? Which model is it? And what price do you quote, that is of course, if you're interested. Send me a PM.
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