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    i agree that stranger isn't great... well its my first amp something a bought in a hurry. i have a J & D strat copy and a Zoom 707 II. Since the amp seems to me the worst of the of the three, i figured changing it should improve my sound . thats the whole point of the research.
    does preamp refer to the inbuilt distortion i have seen in some amps or can it be a multi fx processor like the zoom?
    Something that got me confused is a forum( jemsite ) which has seperate threads 1) on guide to choosing tubes , 2) on guide to choosing amps. So much like pups do people get their amplifier tubes changed?
    Or should I just a get standalone effect like badmonkey/or change my guitar pups to improve my sound. Buying a branded guitar is not feasible for me right now.

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    1. Yup. Changing the amp will yield phenomenal difference in tone. In the world of electric guitars, the amp is as important, if not more, than the guitar itself.

    2. Preamp sectiojn is the one that comes first in an amplifier. Ideally, all the overdrive, distortion and voicing should happen in the preamp section. The power amp is supposed to just amplify the output from preamp into a very large signal that can drive the speakers.

    HOWEVER, in reality, teh poweramp section also contributes to the tone : as in overdrive and voicing. Infact, Eddie Van Halen and Angus Young (obviously there would be more, but these two names come immediately to my mind) got almost all teh overdrive from the poweramp section instead of preamp section.

    So you know both preamp as well as poweramp section of a tube amp contribute to the "distortion" and tone, and these characteristics can be changed by changing the type of tubes.

    3. Your processor pedal can act like a preamp. For this to hold true, you need to feed the output signal from your processor directly into the poweramp section of your amplifier.

    However, I am sure such a provision does not exist on most of the amplifiers.
    If you have a line-in port on your amp, try that. That way you will bypass the "preamp" tone coloring section of your SS amp.

    4. Your quest is improving the tone. The max contribution to the tone comes from the last effect/amp etc.

    So say your signal chain is : Guitar pickups -> Bad Monkey -> Amplifier -> speakers (cabinet).

    Your order of precedence should be:
    a. speakers
    b. ampliflier
    c. overdrive pedal
    d. pickups

    Since yours is a combo amp, speakers and amp both come bundled up :-)
    If you dont wanna change your amp, you should start thinking about the overdrive/distortion pedal, which will lead to next immediate improvement in perceivable tone.

    Bad Monkye is pretty good pedal for overdrive. There is a whole lotsa pedals to deal with overdrive / distortion / fuzz etc. You got a huge choice here.
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    What amps do guitarists generally use(at home and the odd gig) - tube (stack or combo) or solid state?
    Please suggest a model.
    Also at college gigs i have never seen the guitarist walk in with an amp, they just connect their guitar and processor to the amp provided by the sound guys...clarify?
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    a lot of beginner guitarists use a solid state combo amp. they are cheaper and require (in most cases) less care than a tube amp. the most well known (and used?) amps in india are stranger and moreso the marshall 15cdr.

    there are however those who prefer using tube amps for the "organic sound" that tubes give (analog breakup as compared to digital clipping - there are threads about this on this site)

    guitarists in india mostly use the amps that that are provided by the organisers. very few prefer to mic their own amps (owing to a majority using low-end ss amps)

    tube amplifiers (just the head or a combo) are expensive. they cost 10s of thousands of rupees. you'd spend ~$400+ if buying a decent tube amp in the states. don't quote me on this though i'm not a 100% sure. look on ebay (us/uk) for used prices.

    do some research on the difference between tube amps and ss amps, the difference between the sounds from different tubes, and most of all check ebay+online stores for approximate prices. i don't think any store in india stocks tube amplifiers (owing to the lack of demand)

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    How much would it cost to make a 20W Tube Amp?
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    Quote Originally Posted by roy chvat
    I am just in the process of getting transformers made in India rather then importing them, which will bring the expenses down. I can design an amp just for your needs but presently rely on imported parts, which brings the price up somewhat. Nonetheless for a point to point, hand wired tube amp Rs 30,000/- is not a lot to ask.

    I would suggest making a 1 x12" combo, around 35 watts, two channel amp. These amps sound great and are fun to play. This means you avoid the extra expense of a speaker cab, which if Erisa makes one, comes in around Rs 17,000/-

    The Ram II cost Rs 30,000/- but is a very versatile amp which includes an excellent all tube buffered Effects Loop, DC filament heaters for quiet performance, external Bias control to keep the Tubes performing well. Being a Head it needs a speaker cabinet, which obviously is an added expense.


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