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    Nov 2008

    buying processor and amp need suggestions

    now here is the story,
    I have electric guitar from more than yr and now that i have started earning, i can and want to buy amp and processor.I have used friend's rp90 , rp 355, korg ax3000g (which looks really cool. Also i have used marshall 15 and roland 30.
    1. I want to know what are options for processor till 9k

    2. amp till 15 watt or till 5-6k.

    3.Also if i buy a good procesor then do i need a good amp too...given that it is going to just for practice.
    4.I can buy 1 of them this month then wat shd I buy first amp or procesor?
    5.where can i buy good and cheap processor in mumbai?
    6. Furtados guy mention der is marshall amp factory in Andheri anybody has any idea about this?

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    Nov 2008
    reply guys. Anybody here

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    rickkkyrich Guest
    buy amp first..
    then processor..
    boss ME-25 looks like a good option for processor... and roland for amp..

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    marshall never had a factory in bombay. there was one in chennai making the smaller amps including the MG series. that was liquidated recently though, manufacturing has been shifted to indonesia and the quality shot up too :-/ go figure.

    the marshall distribution main office is in andheri, but i don't think they deal with customers directly.

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    Selling processor and amp
    RP300A for sale!
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