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    Buying a new acoustic guitar

    I am looking for a good cut-away acoustic guitar with an in built pikup..I saw this Pluto ( ) at bajaao.. The description says its better than the indian guitars in overall quality..want to know if its a good buy for the price? Also is there any other better option for the price?


    <<I have been playing since 2 years and own a samick av6 electric and had a hobmer acoustic(yeah its "m" , not "n") which i recently gave away to a friend>>

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    pluto gives a very melodious sound bt its wood as i hve noticed is very hard............on the other hand GB&A gives a sweet sound and is i would suggest u go for a GB&A..........


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    go for hobner 265 wow.. its the gr8.. i have been using it from 5 years.. and no complains... durability and performance is the best... really belive me.. and it costs around 4 or 5k not more than this....
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