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    Question Buying Ibanez G10 for Rs.9500 and Zoom G10 Rs 3000 in India

    Hi!.my budget is finally increased!.........I am Taking An Ibanez G10 for Rs.9500....and taking an Zoom G10(Rs 3000) with It..........Is this the Right Choice?...............I am into distortion....I Play stuff Like Metallica,Maiden,Slipknot,Guns n Roses.etc.I checkes out an had distortion.when i played it....onlt String E,A,D Seem to be distorted!(The vOlume was 1).........does this occur with Zoom G1..Plz Answer Quick.I am Gonna Take this On Saturday...........I might also take a J&D Srat(2 HUMBuCKERS AND 1 SINGLE COIL,Price-Rs.5900)...Polz Help!
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    Distortion is distortion. Every amp with a dist. channel will give you distortion and so will the G1. Whats different is the 'tone'.

    G1 is too old and outdated even though it will give you dist. it sounds wayy too digital and doesn't even get close to the real tone to play Metallica and stuff.

    EAD strings give you a heavy sound while the GBE strings will give you a sharp and mean sound. Thats how it shoud be. Thats why most of the heavy riffs are based on the E and A stings..

    I'd say get the get the Zoom G2 (for about 5k), you won't regret that decision

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    751 not saying that gutiar is bad neither is it good........but stick with it.........dont buy the J&d

    but the processor should a second hand......not much of a diff.......
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