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    moheet007 is offline Newbie
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    Sep 2009

    Red face Building a custom with a Givson body...

    so one of my friend has this old Givson GS1000 guitar whose pick-ups are fried... considering the current cost of the guitar which is about 4.5k, i guess i could convince him to sell it to me for about a 1000 bucks.
    i'm thinking of building an entirely new guitar out of it while keeping only the body and neck intact. install a new pair of humbuckers, new wiring (the LP style, two tone, two volume knobs), new finish and all that jazz...
    could any of the DIY luthiers guide me if this is feasible....and if yes how much would it lighten my wallet by?

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    rickkkyrich Guest
    I dunno if it's worth or not ... A set of decent pickups alone will cost you 10k minimum... Depends on how much you wanna spend...

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    moheet007 is offline Newbie
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    Sep 2009
    around 10k would be good... that would include all that can be done...
    and i don't mean the top-of-the-line fender or EMG pick-ups, just decent ones would be fine...

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    Apr 2007
    better would be search on the net for some used pickups...You could get a Decent pair of humbuckers for around 6k. Or may be single coils for around 5k in very good condition.

    Why dont u just go ahead and buy a Yamaha pacifica instead..Definitely the wood on yamaha is better than Givson. Even the neck for that matter will be superior...You could get a DECENT used Yamaha pacifica 112J for 10K. I saw this add a few days ago on facebook...

    I am aware that the idea of building the guitar from scratch or rebuilding somethng is really kickin..but then its not worth spending in your case unless you are way too tight on ur budget...

    HUGE USED market out there....Just find the right opportunity to grab a good stuff around!!!!
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    moheet007 is offline Newbie
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    Sep 2009
    ahh well that puts off my plans untill i can stretch my budget a bit. i was only looking forward to it as a fun project, building something on your own does give you a real high...
    thanks for the reply guys!!
    and mymusicmyguitar, saw your custom guitar!! nice work man!!



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