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Thread: Black Strat

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    Quote Originally Posted by mymusicmyguitar View Post
    See if thats the case..Keep some cash ready with you. Negotiate and pay it and they wil let u go for sure...They are way too greedy. Atleast u r not paying 37% customs...

    And dirtyin up the guitar is temporary man...No permanent change to the body...such as hand Stains..sweaty stickers all over...etc etc
    I know, but i was referring to when you buy something used & there is supposed to be minimum to zero charges on the unit but the officials still keep causing problems. Sometimes that bribe ends up bringing the cost of a used item to be equal to it's new price, that usually sucks the most

    I get the dirtying up part, a bit of pencil marks, dust, oil & sweat is all you need to make it look real old, most of which cleans up without much of a problem lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by rickkkyrich View Post
    Oh yes.... alpha1 waves his tail whenever he sees one..
    Quote Originally Posted by aryasridhar View Post
    Looks like you got some real experience doing this to gora/firangs......
    What if I tell you that being an Anglo Indian, I see this happen many times ...
    You donít get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alpha1 View Post
    What if I tell you that being an Anglo Indian, I see this happen many times ...
    You Might be an Anglo Indian if


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