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    Question Big Problem(Guitar-Comp Connecion Problem)

    Hi!.....i connected my electric guitar to my comp through the line-in port....i opened windows movie maker....but when i started to record and play i could'nt here anything...........but later when i played the recorded stuff i could hear it clearly!.....Can u plz tell me how can i hear what i am playing while playing itself!.............plz help!i tried the same thing through the recorder and the same thing occured...plz help!
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    There'sa freewaere software called Audacity for this purpose. Google, download and install.
    Also install ASIO drivers, they help a lot with latency issues.
    Btw, you will need a full duplex sound card for this. Most laptops have one, but not too sure about the desktops.

    Hope this helps.
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    you have to unmute the line in form the volume control.
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