Hi Guys,

Do you have any idea on what could be the best Les Paul replica for under Rs. 20,000/-

This will be my first electric. I've been playing on an Acoustic-Electric for about 3.5 years now(2 years break in between ) and I am planning to move up. I like soft-to-medium rock and play hindi pop/film songs. I've heard a lot about Les Paul and its tone. To be honest, I love the looks of the Les Paul and I know zilch about its sound.

From what I think I know about me, I love warm sounds with a deep bass and I think thats how the LPs are supposed to sound. Any pointers? I've heard that the cheaper Epiphones dont hold tune for long, but then Epiphones are owned by Gibson and I expect their sound to match the Gibson as close as possible. Some alternatives that I looked up are -

1) GB AV6 -> http://www.bajaao.com/greg-bennett-a...ar-p-4272.html
2) Epi LP Special II -> http://www.bajaao.com/epiphone-les-p...ar-p-4035.html
3) Epi LP100 -> http://www.bajaao.com/epiphone-les-p...-pri-4036.html

Btw, I loved the sound on that new Ibanez SZ320MH -> http://www.guitarworld.com/article/i...lectric_guitar
Is this what is meant by sounding warm? Does anyone have a comparision audio/video of what is warm and what is not?