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    kenny92 is offline Beginner
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    Feb 2011

    Question Best Amp Stack b/w 20-30k

    I recently posted a thread where i had to decide b/w a PRS custom 24 and a Fender Strat. I went with the strat.
    Now, i'm fairly new to the concept of Amp Stacks but considering that they have all tube configurations and work great with pedals, i decided to buy one for myself. My budget is 20-30k.

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    insatanity is offline Guitarist
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    Apr 2009

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    kenny92 is offline Beginner
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    Feb 2011
    Do I have to buy the Head and the Cabinet together? Won't the Head work without the Cabinet?
    And about the maintainence part -
    This is my first guitar and amp. So, after what period of time do i change the tubes in the head?

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    flood is offline IGT Addict
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    Jun 2009
    seeing that heads don't contain a speaker, i don't think you'll have much use for one without the cabinet. apart from the fact that running a head without a load will destroy the output transformer in a few minutes or less.

    you could always use an appropriately powered resistor as a silent load, but you still won't hear anything from the amp though. maybe some tungsten wire instead so you can heat your room....

    jokes apart, you should stick to a combo IMO. your budget will not buy you a stack, let alone one that sounds good, and i don't think you're playing stages yet. let's not even talk about portability.

    output tube changes about every 1000 hours of actual use (not standby), so about 2-3 years i guess. 5-6 for the preamp tubes because they're usually run under spec.

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    kenny92 is offline Beginner
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    Feb 2011
    Well, i've already purchased the Fender Mustang 2(40W). The guitar will be here in like 3-4 days. I was trying out the Fender Strat at Furtados and they showed me the whole Vox 4W stack. And it was sounding great. Amazing that tube amps are so good.

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    theghost's Avatar
    theghost is offline Guitarist
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    Jun 2007
    Where did u buy the mustang and for how much?

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    kenny92 is offline Beginner
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    Feb 2011
    I bought it from Bajaao for about 14.5k(shipping included).

    I came across 2 half stacks at Bajaao -
    1. Marshall Haze 15 -
    15W with Reverb
    3-Band shared EQ
    Digital Effects - Vibe, Echo & Chorus and a bright switch(???).
    MRP - Rs. 36,000
    2. Ibanez TSA15H -
    Supposed to have the Tube Screamer Pedal Circuit built-in with the usual controls.
    15W with no Reverb.
    Clean - Bass, Treble & Volume
    Tube screamer - Overdrive, Tone & Level
    Standby and Power Switch.
    MRP - Rs. 23,000
    Has anyone tried any one of them and can they tell me what they sound like.



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