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    the same kinda tremolo i've in my cort x2 also has locking screws on the upper bridge...and tuners in the lower bridge...still i wanna block it...try yamaha pacifica 012...heard its great...
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    Dude get the CORT X-11 looks beautiful in red. Dont get black though. And if the tremolo isnt working for you, just block it off.. Its that simple. Or you could get a Yamaha Pacifica 012. I use it and its pretty awesome. Versatile enough and ive gotta say that with my peavey vypyr, I have some of the best tones ever. And another thing is that I have a tone that is almost like the bullet for my valentine tone through the Mesa Rectifier amp model on the vypyr. I cant speak for the cort but the pacifica is a very good choice. You might wanna change the electronics after a few months.

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