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    Lightbulb Beginner electric guitar.....

    guys.... i'm a newbie out here in the forum...

    I'm an intermediate level guitar player and i own a very cheap unbranded 15$ acoustic guitar on which i learnt......but trust me,it sounds pretty nice, its easy to play and has it been 2 years but still in good condition.... nw i'm planning to upgrade....

    i want a good beginner level electric guitar, i done some research and zeroed in on the following models....
    1.CORT X-1 or X-2
    2.Yamaha Pacifica PAC012
    3.Aria STGG004
    4.Washburn X10
    5.Fender Squier California Series Stratocaster Electric Guitar
    6.Java EG-70 Fat Strat Electric Guitar with Floyd Rose Tremolo
    7. Ibanez GRX-20 Electric Guitar
    8. Squier Mini Stratocaster Electric Guitar

    I play mostly rock, very little metal....but i want2 get a nice clean output sound from my guitar for occasional chord strumming...
    I have a personal liking to the yamaha pacifica cuz of its H-S-S config and i have a yamaha showroom next to my house......
    and the CORT X-1 or X-2 cuz of its extremely catchy and stylish design but it has an H-H config but i don't know how it sounds...

    Guys and gals, which ones do u recommend????? plz help
    and any other models u recommend???

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    Add the grege bennet to the list..
    "A signal chain is only as good as the weakest link."



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