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    Thumbs down Bass guitar knobs question

    i had to fix my input on my bass recently and when i took it apart i had to take the knobs out, well i got the input fixed but the knobs are all screwed up now, they dont stop when u turn them and the volume on is totally messed, i was just wondering if anyone knew how to fix that or if i have to take it in to get fixed.

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    you talking about the bass guitar right? not the amp? .. and by knobs you mean the pots right? not the pot covers? ..
    if its the pot covers .. get new ones..if its pot. .. take your guitar to any corner shop mechanic with a soldering iron and ask him to fix you new ones... 10 minutes job shouldnt take long ..and yeah make sure you match the ohm values.

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    hey dyood ,, how have u been ..
    welcome back !



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