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    Apr 2007
    Yup will post some clips by the end of this week
    Guitars : USA Fender Stratocaster 1981 Collectors Series, Ibanez RG420eg, Cort X6vpr Snake skin, Custom Tele Style Guitar
    Processor : Boss ME 70
    Amps: Laney Cub10(4 Sale), Roland Microcube
    Recording : Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, Shure SM57
    For Sale: Sansamp Tri-AC

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    rickkkyrich Guest
    Congrats mate...

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    aryasridhar is offline Pro Tabber
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    Jan 2008
    You made the right choice, its a fantastic amp, i have been using it for around a year now and sounds kickass, I did some mods to it too, replaced the stock tubes with Tungsol tubes and in the process of replacing the speaker as well, thats the weakest link of this amp, but once the speaker breaks in well, you will love the tone even better.
    I am also building a cab for it 1x12 with Eminence Governor Speaker (US Made) as i do not want to pay for the "Celestion" brand name, those are made in china, I wish I can get the cab finished ASAP. Will also replace the amp speaker as well soon enough.
    Good luck with your amp mate, and it sure does love pedals.


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