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    Any freaking way to even play an all tube marshall in Bangalore?

    I am really keen to try out at least one freaking Marshall all tube amp, haven't even seen one around.........

    Anyone know where to go? I remember I once saw a JCM 900 Head and a 1960a cabinet at SoundGlitz in Bangalore, but when I asked them if i could try it, they asked me to go come on a weekday, that day was a saturday I guess and there were too many people, so they couldn't have me play that day......Hope the amp is still there I shall check it out.......

    Buying one is out of question anyway, but want to experience the tone that I have heard of so much.......

    When I last checked for a Marshall Class 5 head with the Marshall Distributor for India - Audio Plus, they quoted 33k, I wish the price were a little more than what it sells for in the US, Always wondered how Laney amps are competitively priced or say reasonably priced when compared to Marshall's?

    I feel a Made in China Marshall once built, goes to the UK, then gets shipped to India and so on.....Unfortunately it happens, if not with Marshall amps but certainly with other companies.....
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    ^ It happens with any company that makes profits.
    You donít get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.



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